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FURIA is a safe place for Gen Z's thoughts

How to join our LGBTQ+ Minecraft Server?

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Joining our server is really simple. Follow these steps and I'm pretty sure you'll be playing with us soon!

Step 1

You need internet connection and Minecraft on your laptop/computer. How to download Minecraft? There are two ways - purchasing it on the original website or installing a free launcher. They come with different features, but both will let you play with us. Click on the picture to choose your option (they will redirect you to their websites).

Buying Minecraft

Downloading Launcher

Step 2

Open Minecraft and set your version to 1.16.3 or higher. If you're using a launcher, set your username to anything you want (make sure to read the rules first if you have some weird ideas). It has to be from 3 to 16 characters long. Now you're ready to click PLAY.

Step 3

When Minecraft's main window opens, click on the "Multiplayer" button. There you will find a list of all Minecraft server you've added (it's empty if you haven't added any yet). Then click on the "Add Server" button and fill in the information as below then click "Done".

Server Name: FURIA LGBTQ+, Server Adress: play.mcfuria.com

Step 4

Server will appear on your list. Select it and then click "Join Server". This way you will join our lobby. To start playing, first you have to register (and then log in every time you join us). In order to do it click "/" on your keyboard and type in command:

/register password password

Instead of the word "password" use anything that comes to your mind. Make sure to remember it or write it down somewhere. You will need it to join us again later. To make your password safer use numbers, symbols and capitalized letters. Don't tell your password to anyone! Not even to the staff!

If you want to join again after some time, you need to use command:

/login password

You have to use the password you set the first time you joined us.

Possible Problems

If you've joined us for the first time, but on the chat it says that you are already registered, it means that someone registered your username before. If you're using Minecraft Premium (the original one) you can let us know and we will remove this account for you. But if you're playing on a launcher, you have to change your username.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us anywhere and anytime.

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